Ebony G. Patterson’s art at the NYBG

If you aren’t a plant person. If you aren’t someone who would naturally walk through a garden just to look and learn, then perhaps you may stay away from gardens.

If you are that person. I say, stay away no more. The New York Botanical Gardens is working with artist to make the grounds a bit more fun and interesting. Mixing the plants with mystical stories filled with history, fiction and fun.

Currently on view is …things come to thrive… in the shedding…in the molting… it’s a story, it’s an art, and it’s in a garden designed by Ebony G. Patterson.

Here are some ways to have fun while you are there.

First, ask a friend to tag along (or you can meet new people in the garden) and together, read the panel for understanding. If you don’t read the panel, you will start to ask questions. If you read the panel, you will start to ask questions for more understanding.

Secondly, as you walk through the grounds and inside the conservatory or library, continue to read the panels. (I am stressing reading because there were plenty of people asking questions that were answered in the panels and when I answered them, they asked me how did I know and I told them I am reading the panels. Most of them went back and started over.

Next, download the app, Bloomberg Connects.

Walk slowly though the exhibition. This is the only way you will see the hidden “secrets waiting to be unearth”. I walked through the conservatory twice and the second time I was able to “pull back the surface and reveal truths”.

My next suggestion is if you come across someone doing a tour,listen to what the person is talking about. I am not certain if there are tours often but we came across a man giving two people a tour and while we didn’t impose, because we were in the same space, he spent some time with us too.

Next, If you can, go on a Wednesday, for this is the same day as the Farmers market. If you get tired from walking from the conservatory to the library, there would be a plethora of food and drinks waiting at the end of the road. You wouldn’t have to walk back to the cafe (which is at the main entrance and may push you to leave).

At the library, right before you walk up the hill to the steps, you may also come across a table with NYBG employees. When they saw us, they beckoned us to visit their table which I am glad we did.

We participated in an art project, which gave us more information about the extinct plants. (We also learned about each vendor at the market ). In addition to the art projects that were spread out on the table, there were print outs of current job postings on the table and they employees answer questions about the job postings.

Finally, if you are a local, you may run into neighbors and friends while you are their. Ask them their thoughts and opinions about the show.




Macho, the gardener’s grandson, in the garden. He was so happy that my class came to visit, that he offered to give us a tour!

During the tour of the garden every plant was just ‘a flower’ or just ‘grass’. He even stepped on some beds and told us to follow him, which lead to the gardener screaming.

The last straw for him was the story he created around the missing fish. Georgie had a tub of fish in the garden and when the kids asked what happened to the fish, he put his hand in the shape of a gun and said he killed them all. I thought that was a bit outrageous and consulted Georgie who told Macho to stop lying. Turns out the fish were in the apartment living a happy life!

Before we left I told Macho thank you and thought about the tour. It was the best tour ever and I am sure the Macho would agree.

No more Dog Poop!



They are so adamant and ready to clean up the streets from dog poop they begin to chant “No more Dog Poop!”

They had just finished putting a dog poop sign by the garden.