Charles from Ghana

His name is Charles. He is from Ghana. And this is his Story.

I was born healthy. However, at  the age of 3 I got a disease called Polio. There were a lot of people catching it and dying. My mother took me to the doctor who gave me a shot  which probably prevented death but left me crippled. I’ve been walking with crutches all my life.

I came to America a few years ago to get an education. However, I am not in school currently because I overstayed my visa. Now I am working to become legal so I could apply to school. After I finish school, I plan to go straight back to Africa. I don’t want to live in America.

Yes, education is much better in Africa but it’s also expensive. Here, in America, anyone can go to school. All you need is determination. I want to go to an university on the internet and get a free education.

With the education that I obtain, I would be able to help my people out more. I am the director of an non-government organization. With my organization and education background, I will be better off. My organization helps people with disabilities and those affected by disasters. It also has an orphanage, farming and tourism.

I aim to go to school for journalism and with a radio and TV background would be able to publicize my organization. I would like my organization to be between America and Ghana.

I have five children and my wife died in March.

The Taxi Driver

My neighborhood is a small community. Sometimes I feel like everyone know each other.


The other day I was in the supermarket with my family and there was a guy in front of us packing his bags. We had a lot of items we were buying so I started putting our things on the register.  I looked at the guy in front of us and noticed that he was limping a little. I was a little hesitant to offering my help. Actually, I didn’t offer. He finished packing, looked up and said ‘Good Night’. Which to me was a little strange.  People don’t usually speak. May smile but don’t speak. Well, it was strange.

So, there was a few muffled good nights. I just smiled a little and he left. A few seconds later my family and I came outside. My dad was about to call a taxi when I realize that a taxi was already there. I told my dad, there is a taxi already. And we flagged it down. And guess what? It turned out to be the same guy who was in the supermarket! And he pulled over and we crowed in his car.

But unlike any other taxi driver, he prayed first that we all would have a safe trip. And the trip home was safe and very inspirational. He testified about his mother and her healing. It turns out, God did so much for him that he was bubbling with joy and we turned out to be the perfect family for him to drive us home and testify of how good God is to him.

And we all praised God with him. He told of how his mother suffered with Alzheimer and it seem she wasn’t getting any better. And he went on a two-week fast only drinking water. And God really blessed his mother to recover. He felt great even though his leg was hurting from always sitting behind the wheel.

The day we got in his car was the day she begin to act her normal self again.

When we were departing, it was almost like family, parting.

Instead of just driving away, he helped us with the groceries inside. And told us he’ll see us in heaven if not again on earth.

‘I’ll see you in mansion number seven!” He said. To which my father said ‘And I’ll see you in mansion number eight’!Taxi Driver