Kennedy Fried Chicken and Pizza


Only when I am very hungry and have no other food choices to make, do I go to chicken joints. The food is so greasy and pre-cooked, there is no way I can crave for it.  Their prices are low which is probably why they stay in the neighborhood. If people would just make healthier choices, then maybe there would be better quality restaurants in our neighborhoods.

Funny, all of sudden the government is concern about our health. Telling people to work-out and bashing fast foods, yet, every time I go into a poor neighborhood, I see the same thing: Chinese restaurants, chicken joints and pizza shops galore.  Papa John’s and Little Caesars seem the same. I don’t understand the argument. Is one really better than the other? Why can’t the government put their money where their mouths are and put healthy restaurants with low prices in poor neighborhoods?

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