Gustiamo’s Tasting

This pass Saturday I visited Gustiamo, an Italian food company, to attend their a tasting. I haven’t blogged about Gustiamo in a while, so to tell some of my new followers about Gustiamo, I’ll just say that their food is indeed high quality food. Knowing about Gustiamo did change my way of looking at food and even my way of eating. Some of their products are expensive but I would encourage anyone to buy at least their olive oil  and taste real Italian food.

The following photos were taken at the Tasting.

In this photo, a customer is checking out Gustiamo’s “Terra Amore & Fantasia” – Peeled Tomatoes by Sabatino Abagnale

African Woman

I was in Island Lunchbox eating some good curry chicken, rice and beans, cabbage and drinking sweet carrot juice (that costs 3.75 a bottle!) when I took this photo. I was not about to get up and go outside and take a close up.

I know you didn’t ask for all of that but the food at Island Lunchbox is GOOD!



Like many of the people I took photos of today, I took a picture of Keith while I was at church, during the bake/ dinner sale.

I think his jean vest is awesome (look at the next blog post to see a close up of it).

Actually, I didn’t even know that jean vest were in this season until one of the little boys in my church ask me to get him one as a birthday gift. That’s when I realized that a lot of people are wearing them. (A lot of men not little boys are wearing them, I think the kid in my church is ahead of his times). The kid in my church even told me how he was going to wear it- with buttons and other accessories. I hope he keeps dreaming about it because I can’t even find denim vest for kids his age. He’s 12 now. (Help!)

Heidi & Daughter

This is the director of the Mary Mitchell Center  -wearing her garden hat- smiling with her lovely daughter. She is the strong force that holds down the “No Junk Food” policy at the center.

It is only fitting that I include a photo of her for my Hats or Hats Not Project while wearing a garden hat.


This is Cornell. Look at his outfit.

He told me he is originally from North Carolina.

He came to New York in 1962 after he got into a little trouble. He lived upstate for a while…I automatically thought jail because of the way he said it: They sent me upstate and when I got out my Mom helped me get a small place in the Bronx. Now I live in Harlem. 


I was in a rush to get back to work. I was crossing the street and behind me was this elderly man. We were the only two crossing the street. I saw him with his pin-stripe suit, converse sneakers and short brim hat and ran ahead to get a picture of him…why did I do that?

Well, he turned out to be a peddler. After I told him I was a photographer and told him my name I proceeded to say my farewell but he wasn’t done.

How about treating me to a soda or something?

I wasn’t surprised…okay, I was a little. Why is he dressed up begging? I thought, but I told him, I guess I could treat him.

Near us was a little street vendor where I could buy him food.