Saving Kayton’s

On Friday, April 6th, I walked down Tremont Avenue. I decided to step inside my favorite store on Tremont, Kayton’s.

Of all the stores on Tremont, Kayton’s has the best quality in clothing and a great variety. I’ve found things in the store worth the price it was sold for, pieces I consider a jewel in my closet.

When I got there, I was met by naked manikins in the windows. I walked in and was even more disappointed when I saw barely any merchandise on the floor.

What happen?! I asked Melinda, the sales lady who has been working there for 22 years.

We are closing.


Rent is going up. Bills. And business is low. 

After she told me this, I did what mostly every person who walked in there after me did, went into a shock mode then begin to ask Melinda questions she couldn’t answer.

Kayton’s is closing?! I can’t believe this. I can’t imagine Tremont without Kayton’s. What are we going to do?!

Another customer who had entered the store after me with her three lady friends screamed out: Where I’m going to buy my bras?! and slips? And what about the fun toys?

While everyone begin to reminisce, I took out my camera and photographed the empty store.

Oh, there goes her daughter!

Melinda seemed relieved when the owner of the small boutique daughter showed up.

Pan Danzig entered the store and seemed to be ready to answer questions by consumers. She even gave a brief history of Kayton’s:

Kayton’s was on Tremont Avenue for 81 Years. My mom, Sylvia Danzig, who is 81 years old now, inherited the business from her parents. They opened the store in 1941 during the great depression and it’s been under my mother’s control since 1978. She has won many awards including the Business Women of the Year Award.

When Kayton’s first opened up, Danzig continued, it only sold lingerie. Years later after my grandfather passed away, my mom added more items on the floor. Things like sex toys, hats, dresses, blouses and more. In addition, she also doubled the space in the store and hired someone to create a website for Kaytons. She did most of the buying and selling herself and also dressed the manikins.

So, why is the store closing?

Well, bills and the rent. The landlord when up on his rent. However, my mom doesn’t want to retire. She would stay if she had the money.

So, we can save Kayton’s?! Why don’t you guys put out a donation box?

Well, we were thinking about that…

What if the neighborhood got together and offered to help, would your mom come back?

Sure! She didn’t want to close in the first place.

This is how Saving Kayton’s came about. As of now, there are many people from the neighborhood donating time and money to making sure Kayton’s stay open. There is even talk of a fashion show and a benefit gala.

If you would like to join the Saving Kayton’s community, call 718-549-7259.


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  2. My mom used to work at Kayton’s. Sylvia always treated her staff like family. I remember spending many a Saturday as a kid playing in the stock room while my mom worked. I hope you’re able to Save Kayton’s!

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