This is Issac from Panama.

This picture kind of makes me smile. You know how much I love Beetle Volkswages…if you don’t, just visit my blog a little more!

Anyways, I saw Issac walking in my direction from down the street and I planned that when he gets near…I am going to ask him to pose in front of the car. Why? Well, he was dressed up and it seem it should be his car just for a moment!

So, when I asked him, the first thing I realized was that he didn’t have any teeth in his mouth. However, he was cool! He had no problem actually posing for me!

After I took the picture, he started to tell me about living in America and how he misses Panama. We ended up walking and talking for a while. He seemed to be full of wise comments about life and very humble (I guess you have to be humble to walk around with no teeth).

He picked up a few soda and beer cans to cash them in and his theory was- If I ask you for a quarter, will you freely give it to me?

Another thing I remember him saying was:

When you do good, you don’t have to worry; but when you do bad, you worry.

That’s Issac.

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