The Sunglasses


Nice hat!

Nice Sunglasses, can I take a picture of you?

That’s alright.

Where you get them?

I got them when I was in New Orleans. I travel a lot. I was born in Saint Kitts. I came here when I very young for college and stayed here. I met my first husband. We married and went back to the Island. The marriage did not last long. He wanted to play around on me. That was the one, so I thought. Then, I got married again and we are still together. I came back to the Bronx to visit my daughter. She is having a baby.You getting on this train?

Yes. I’m taking the 2.

Did you take the picture?

No, I thought you said No.

No, it’s okay, you can take it.

Oh, okay.

Don’t miss your train though.

It’s okay. I’ll take the next one. Smile!

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