The Sunglasses


Nice hat!

Nice Sunglasses, can I take a picture of you?

That’s alright.

Where you get them?

I got them when I was in New Orleans. I travel a lot. I was born in Saint Kitts. I came here when I very young for college and stayed here. I met my first husband. We married and went back to the Island. The marriage did not last long. He wanted to play around on me. That was the one, so I thought. Then, I got married again and we are still together. I came back to the Bronx to visit my daughter. She is having a baby.You getting on this train?

Yes. I’m taking the 2.

Did you take the picture?

No, I thought you said No.

No, it’s okay, you can take it.

Oh, okay.

Don’t miss your train though.

It’s okay. I’ll take the next one. Smile!

Best Friends

best friends

Today at Mary Mitchell we celebrated Valentine’s Day.

A lot of the children were quite when Miss Josefina, who is Dominican, explained to them that Valentine’s Day is not only about love between a woman and a man but is also about celebrating your friends. In the Dominican Republic the term they use on Valentine’s Day is el dia del amor y la amistad. She said in DR it’s more about friendship.

Here is a photo I took last year of a group of friends who happen to be in the right place at the right time.

They are posing in the Bronx in the West Farms Area near the 2 and 5 train-station. The art work is a sculpture done by Gabriel Salazar.