Bag Lady in Flight


Art by David Hammons

I saw this abstract art at the Brooklyn Museum. While Hammons first presented his artĀ  in the 70’s for many reasons outside of environment awareness, I thinkĀ  abstract art using any type of bag now is needful.

I got a text from my sister instructing me to start a project with my students using just plastic bags.

Mary Mitchell 20th Anniversary


Two weekends ago the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center celebrated 20 years of being in the Crotona section of the Bronx. If Mary Mitchell herself was alive, she would be 100 year old. The community center that was made in her remembrance is still on the corner with their doors open wide to the youth and families.

Mary Mitchell lived in the neighborhood during a time when the Bronx was burning. Most people were moving out and most of what was left was destroyed by landlords. She and her friends opened her home to those in the community, especially the youth. During the summer, she gave them tasks to do and kept them busy. She prepared meals and blocked off the streets for parties and activities. When she passed away, those in the community banded together to remember her by opening a center in her honor.