Last year I blogged about receiving grapefruit from a church member who has her own grapefruit tree in Florida. This year before anyone could ask me what I wanted for my birthday, I made sure I asked for grapefruit from that same tree. I wasn’t a grapefruit fan before but after eating it help to clear up my sinus’ and kept me from getting sick during the winter, I plan to eat them every time it gets cold.

So, I got some grapefruit from that same tree in Florida for my birthday (without charge).

The Grapefruit Story

Back in November I went to Florida, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Mother Jules (a mother from my church in Jacksonville) gave my family a bag full of grapefruits.

Now, before I went to Florida, I was sick. It was hard for me to breathe regularly. I think it was sinus issues.  When I got to Florida, the clean air and good food did my body a whole lot of good. Nevertheless, the entire time I was thinking about going back to New York and eventually experiencing the same head aches and nose runs. Until she gave us those grapefruits!

When we got back to the Bronx, I ate one (sometimes two) every day and my body begin to feel a whole lot better. Of course I made other healthy food choices like drinking tea and eating as fresh as possible. But I think the grapefruit really worked for me. After all, they were directly picked from a tree in her yard. Now, I can barely stand the  the taste of Price Choice’s grapefruit.