Grandma Lee

Grandma Lee


This is a picture of some of my family.

In the center is my Grandmother, Grandma Lee. She is my mother’s mom. She is surrounded by her Grandchildren.

I blogged about her early last year. I went down to spend time with her.

She was doing fine when I went down to see her last year but this pass Thanksgiving she was in a wheelchair and not staying in her home. She is in a nursing home.

My mother passed away a few years ago. I got close to my grandmother. I, along with my siblings are doing all we can do to try to help Grandma Lee get back on her feet.

She had a few strokes and is unhappy in this home.

If our mother was here, we know our mom would drop everything just to take care of her.

Now my Aunt is trying to get rid of my grandmother’s home. I’ve been trying to keep it in the family. Nothing seems to be going right.

My grandma is not even dead yet my aunt is seeing to get rid of her home. My second eldest sister is staying there now. Our plan was, when Grandma gets better, she would be there to help her out.

Money always seems to be an issue all of sudden.





Last year I blogged about receiving grapefruit from a church member who has her own grapefruit tree in Florida. This year before anyone could ask me what I wanted for my birthday, I made sure I asked for grapefruit from that same tree. I wasn’t a grapefruit fan before but after eating it help to clear up my sinus’ and kept me from getting sick during the winter, I plan to eat them every time it gets cold.

So, I got some grapefruit from that same tree in Florida for my birthday (without charge).



I didn’t even notice that Jen-Jen had trash in her hands until I looked at this photo. Her and her siblings were picking up rocks to trow into the water.

Barretto park was not that dirty but it was dirty enough. I saw a few diapers on the ground and that was it.

Rugie & Maimuna


Rugie & Maimuna were waiting for the train when I asked them for a photo. They are both from Gambia and were decked out for a friend’s wedding. I took more photos of them but I like this one because it shows the Bronx in its normal light.

Here are two beautiful young ladies dressed to the T for a wedding but their surrounding is an eye sore. There’s litter on the floor and the platform is dirty.

I also like the bystander (or by-sitter) who is smiling as though I was aiming the camera at her. Well, it’s a good thing she is smiling because she’s in the picture.

And fashion wise, I think the print on the dresses is outstanding along with Maimuna’s killer platforms!