Dominick’s Pizzeria

Back in November of last year, my father took the family to a pizza shop in Pelham Gardens. It was ran by an Italian family. The husband and wife were hospitable and kind. The wife, Anne, shared with us a story about her son:

…My son, he loves me. Both of my kids love me but my son shows it differently than my daughter. He kisses and hugs me everyday. Every time he leaves to go to work and every time he comes home. No matter what times he comes home, he always make sure he tells me he loves me.

Of all the stories she shared with us,  I think I enjoyed that one the most. I see so much love there. To me, the guy who has  love and respect for his mother would have love and respect for his wife.

Vito, the husband, also shared stories. His were more about the restaurant business:

When I cook, I don’t have an agenda. I’ve been in the restaurant business for 40 years and had this business for 22 of those years. I will retire soon. When I retire, I am going back to Italy. The life style here is good for work but not good for old people. I love Europe and the history. When I retire, Italy will be where I go.  Vito and Anne

Pandoro by Pasticceria Biasetto

The dialogue between my family enjoying Pandoro on a Tuesday afternoon:

Me: (to April and Sammy) What are you eating?

April: The cake Yunice brought from Gustiamo.

Me: Can you cut me a piece please?

Dad: There’s something about that cake, it’s not like a regular pound cake.

Sammy: I know….it’s like…spongy.

Dad: Yeah, Sammy, you got that right. It’s spongy.

Me: Thanks! Why, what a big slice!

Yunice: Aww, just eat it. The slice looks big but it’s not that big. It’s like cotton candy. You think you have enough but soon you would want some more.

Me: *Sigh* I want some more already!

Pandoro is made by award winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto in Veneto, a region in Italy. It is made with organic ingredients (you can see a list of the ingredients at Gustiamo’s website) and comes wrapped so beautiful that you want to keep the package after you’ve eaten the cake. That white stuff is powered sugar. It comes in an individual package. If you forget to put the sugar on the cake (which you may not want to do), you can add the sugar to butter-pecan ice-cream…I tried it and it’s good!