Vito’s Story

My Dad met the owner of Dominick’s Pizzeria, Vito, in person one night on the road.

Vito had car problems and needed someone to boost his vehicle. My father happened to be the person who helped him out. Vito wanted to pay my dad but my father said it was okay. So, Vito invited him to his restaurant.

We arrived unannounced on a Sunday afternoon. We were the only ones there who sat and stayed for a while. Vito and my dad shook hands and then he met my sisters and I. They spoke for a little bit and then we meet his wife.

After she gave us a warm welcome she jokingly said to my father, ‘you should have left him at the side of the road!’ Her anecdotes and witty comments help set the homely tone for the afternoon.

Vito and Anne fixed a really good pizza for us,( as you saw in the other picture)Dominick's Pizzeria. We had to wait for a while but it was worth the wait. It was fresh and delicious. You ever had pizza with shrimp? Vito said he always think of new pizza recipes.

I aim to visit Vito again. You should go too! Visit Dominick’s Pizzeria at 1015 Allerton Ave Bronx, NY 10469.

Dominick’s Pizzeria

Back in November of last year, my father took the family to a pizza shop in Pelham Gardens. It was ran by an Italian family. The husband and wife were hospitable and kind. The wife, Anne, shared with us a story about her son:

…My son, he loves me. Both of my kids love me but my son shows it differently than my daughter. He kisses and hugs me everyday. Every time he leaves to go to work and every time he comes home. No matter what times he comes home, he always make sure he tells me he loves me.

Of all the stories she shared with us,  I think I enjoyed that one the most. I see so much love there. To me, the guy who has  love and respect for his mother would have love and respect for his wife.

Vito, the husband, also shared stories. His were more about the restaurant business:

When I cook, I don’t have an agenda. I’ve been in the restaurant business for 40 years and had this business for 22 of those years. I will retire soon. When I retire, I am going back to Italy. The life style here is good for work but not good for old people. I love Europe and the history. When I retire, Italy will be where I go.  Vito and Anne

Mosaic Pizza at the Point

The Point


In July, we took the Summer Campers to the Community Center on 940 Garrison Avenue in the Bronx, also known as the Point.

There they met Danny, one of the instructors and made pizza.

Some of them ate their pizza straight out of the oven, but most of them decided to save their pizza for their parents against my will. I kept asking them to just eat it! When we walked outside, the pizza that they tried to save fell from my hands and they were upset with me.