Ms. Ocean

A colleague and friend, Ocean, who comes to Mary Mitchell with a beautiful spirit and warm heart. I love her outfits and was glad she let me take some photos of her! A mix of modesty and vintage.

Weekend Max Mara Skirt

I ran across this Jersey Skirt by Max Mara. I think it will be a great buy for the upcoming winter. My sister, however, thinks it’s ugly. It’s not that bad. I think the price is ugly. It goes for 250.00 at

Heidi Merrick

I found out about designer Heidi Merrick from Refinery

She doesn’t seem to have an outlet in New York so what I learned about her and her clothes is from her website.

The two skirts pictured here are two of my favorite designs I saw on the website.

The denim high-waisted skirt goes for 231.00. It’s very different and original. It looks a little asymmetric. The asymmetric look may be created from the way the model is standing; however, if you look closely at the skirt, the lines are all not the same shape. It’s a great design.

The black lace-layered  skirt is more common.  I’ve seen skirts like it before or at least the idea.  The Heidi Merrick skirt goes for 300.00.

Check her out at her website