Authors and Illustrators


From left to right:

Javaka Steptoe, Carole Boston Weatherford, R. Gregory Christie, Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, Elizabeth Zunon, Floyd Cooper and Jeffery Boston Weatherford

Taken at the 25th Annual African American Children’s Book Fair

African American Children’s Book Fair



Two weeks ago, some Mary Mitchell Students traveled from the Bronx to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to attend their annual African American Book Fair. It was  a dream come true for me. My first self lead trip out of state with my students. It was a great success (If I may say so myself).

In this photo are some Mary Mitchell students with Author Vaunda Micheaux Nelson and Illustrator R. Gregory Christie.

Ms. Nelson is penning a sheriff badge on Jerome. He had just told me that he didn’t want any books. That was before he met Ms. Nelson. She changed his mind. He ended up getting Bad News for Outlaws (written by Ms. Nelson and Illustrated by Mr. Christie).