So, my family went to Washington, DC over the Thanksgiving break and I got to see so much of my family. It was pretty exciting. Pictured here is my second cousin, Andre, who is a pianist, singer and so many other fun things; like, now he owns Moody’s Barber Shop in Gloucester, VA.  and has his own beautiful family.

I’m blogging about him because of the scarf he has around his neck. He had that scarf when I was a little girl. It looks like he just bought it. It was kept well. In addition to his scarf, I liked his casual outfit. It was put together well. His style reminds me of James McBride, the author of The Color of Water,who I blogged about a while ago.

I wonder what’s going to be my staple when I get older. I can’t name one accessory that I have that I wear all the time…maybe it’s because I’m a female? At least I know my signature look will include a hat.

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