Kayla, Natasha & Mathias


Natasha told me she got her dress from H&M two years ago. I loved her look, especially her natural hair.

When I told Kayla how beautiful she was, she removed her glasses and exclaimed: this is how I really look! To which I said, Wow, you are still beautiful!

I was proud when Mathias started to smile because right before I took the photo, he started crying. Then, I told him how much I loved his Biblical name and he begin to smile!

Morgan Green

As soon as I saw Morgan, her hair stood out to me.

Your hair is amazing! I told her.

We talked hair all the way until I had to leave. I should try to get another close up hair photo. The top/front of her hair is curly and then the rest is out. The curly part is wrapped around the rest of her hair.

I want to try it but it may look different with a hat.



Noah was walking with his aunt when I asked if it was okay for me to photograph him. His sense of fashion is on point for a young person. You never know where the next big clothing designer is lurking! IMG_0280