Before the Snow Comes

Yesterday was a nice day. The temperature was 65 degrees! The children were outside in shorts and tee shirts in the back yard. However, in the front of the building, the janitor was placing down salt for the snow storm promised to hit the following day…



My supervisor, Heidi, gave me a handful of Pumpkins for my Literacy class. Each student was able to get one.

Before I handed the pumpkins out, I did a science project that I got off pinterest called pumpkin-cano.

They had so much fun that when it was time to play, most of them wanted to keep doing science.

Dishes and Wishes


Once upon a time, there was a little boy whose mother gave him the job of washing the dishes after diner. He did not enjoy this job. One day while washing the dishes, he discovered that he could make bubbles with the dish detergent. He now enjoyed washing the dishes!

He’ll wash the plates and make a bubble for each salver.

He’ll wash the spoons, forks, and knives and make bubbles for each utensil.

While blowing the bubbles, he made wishes. He wished for a new house and more siblings. He wished he’ll do better in school and for a dog named Tommy.

Within the next few weeks, he got some of  what he wished for. He got a new dog and he begin to do better in school. However, some wishes did not come true. He wondered why.

When his mom asked him to wash dishes again, he gladly went. He began to wash and wish. This time, he paid attention to each bubble and each wish. He then knew the bubbles that flew out the window and popped over the snow were the ones that created his wishes into truth.

From then on, he waited for winter to come around so he could blow bubbles over the snow.