Pen-Pal Day


Journal Entry from Pen-Pal Day:

Today was Pen-Pal day! I was hoping all my students would show up but I am so grateful, God sent not all but one! I was extremely happy when he walked into the sanctuary.

He was dropped off at church by his sibling. He walked really slowly down the aisle and sat with me and my family. 

You feel nervous?


Don’t worry, you will enjoy yourself.

Pretty soon, he was standing up and singing the songs and even shouting HALLELUJAH and praise the Lord!!

The next day at work I over heard him telling his friends, you missed it! I went to Ms. Lilly’s church!! You didn’t heard the man (Bishop Green) say praise the Lord! 

Every pen-pal day we get an influx of visitors…and usually someone gets baptized. This time, no one got baptized that Sunday but a visitor who visited for the first time on Pen Pal day came back to get baptized on a week day!




Raspberry Jam for Mother’s Day

The Little Flock made raspberry jam for mother’s day. It was a fun, quick and easy process. The children were eager to do everything from washing the dishes to mashing raspberries.

I am not a raspberry lover. I actually don’t like the taste but seeing them eat the raspberries like candy, made me want to try some.

After mashing the berries, one child was picked to measure and pour sugar. Then, we placed it on the stove for two minutes.

I stirred the mix and soon it was ready.

Each child washed out a mini mason jar and I filled it up to the brim.

Then, while I cleaned up the kitchen, they raced upstairs to wrap their gifts and present it to their mothers.

Now I am thinking, what can we do for father’s day?


Zach, the last one

Lilly and ZachLilly & Zach

I think I baby sat for Sister Whitlock since 2009. I just graduated from college and started working with children in my neighborhood and at the church. During the convocation that year and for the next seven years I had fun taking her children all over the city every time they visited New York. Now her baby, Zach is as a big boy. He’s in the second grade!  He is the only one who ask me if I can take him out.  All her kids grew up. I did too. Now, I get paid to do what I did for free and it’s not as fun.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower


The Little Flock threw Latrina a bridal shower before she tied the knot in August. The little kids brought her little gifts and when she walked into the room, they stood up to sing a song. For them, it was all about winning prizes after answering questions. They forgot it was a party, to celebrate Latrina, and started to compete for prizes.

The Youth Orchestra of Caracas

The Youth Orchestra of Caracas

In September, I took the Little Flock to Crotona Park and we listened to the Youth Orchestra of Caracas. Heidi Hynes, my supervisor, mentioned the concert to me the week before.

I am a strong believer in music and was happy the parents at my church allowed their children to join me.

It was a concert celebrating 10 years of solidarity between the Bronx and Venezuela. In 2005, the late President of Venezuela,  Hugo Chávez, provided  gallons of discounted heating oil  to thousands of low-income residents of the South Bronx. While sitting there on the grass, I felt a  feeling of positivity in the air, it felt like only the possible could happen for the rest of my life!. Everyone was celebrating the goodness in the Bronx and all the things that can happen when you put your mind to it…

I was happy I went because the concert has inspired me on many levels.

Everytime I go to a music concert, it reminds me how hard work really does pay off. It also make me pick up my flute and take time to pratice the piano. I enjoyed the testimonies given by UpbeatNYC.

The children who went with me expressed their desire to learn how to eventually play an instrument.

One of the best comments during the concert was: “In Venezuela it is a child’s consitutional right to learn music”.

Porta Potties

Porta Potties

Why do kids love Porta Potties?? They all wanted to ‘use the bathroom badly’ when they saw the porta potties.