Pen-Pal Day


Journal Entry from Pen-Pal Day:

Today was Pen-Pal day! I was hoping all my students would show up but I am so grateful, God sent not all but one! I was extremely happy when he walked into the sanctuary.

He was dropped off at church by his sibling. He walked really slowly down the aisle and sat with me and my family. 

You feel nervous?


Don’t worry, you will enjoy yourself.

Pretty soon, he was standing up and singing the songs and even shouting HALLELUJAH and praise the Lord!!

The next day at work I over heard him telling his friends, you missed it! I went to Ms. Lilly’s church!! You didn’t heard the man (Bishop Green) say praise the Lord! 

Every pen-pal day we get an influx of visitors…and usually someone gets baptized. This time, no one got baptized that Sunday but a visitor who visited for the first time on Pen Pal day came back to get baptized on a week day!




Happy Pen-Pal Day!

Pen-Pal Day 7June 2nd, 2013 was the Little Flock’s second Pen-pal day.

Pen-pal day begun last year when I was thinking of fun ways to get the children to write. I thought it would be awesome if the Literacy Club could write a group of children. The  Children’s choir at my church, a.k.a the Little Flock was the perfect match.

For two years in a row, during Spring, the kids would begin to write each other with the hope of meeting up in June. (Kudos to Miss Lurgen, Bishop Green, and my dear Sister Latrina for allowing the children to write one another.)

This Pen-pal day the Little Flock sung ‘ Shout to the Lord’ (which was lead by Journey….the little girl with her arms crossed) during the service. After service they all ate together then did fun activities to ‘break the ice’.

A huge thank you to Jesus for letting Pen-pal day be a success and a big thank you to the parents who worked along with me.



Pen-Pal Day

Pen-Pal Day


Joi searches for her pen-pal blind folded…