The Cast


The Kids put on a show titled The Super Hero Bullies. The center director found it on a website (Im not sure which one) and gave it to us to direct. Its written by Mary Engquist. It is centred around two friends who are known as the bullies of the school. Then, one of them wants to change.

I was very proud of them. I hope we can put on another show.

Where are They??

So, two of the teens who work at the center, Mr. Arnold and Ms. Adina,  went to Kenya to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I am not sure about all the details of the program that they are in but it has something to do with sports and fitness.

Nevertheless,  lessons are created around Africa and Kenya on the account of them going there.

After reading, For you are a Kenyan Child by John Kay. The children spoke about how different Kenya must be for Mr. Arnold and Ms. Adina. Then, they wrote letters about how much they missed them.

Sensei Will, who knows more about the trip, stopped by and showed them pictures of  how far Mr. Arnold and Ms. Adina were up the mountain. He also showed them the photos that they posted on the Mary Mitchell Center’s Facebook page. They kids went wild seeing those pictures!!  It was something to see Mr. Arnold and Ms. Adina  sitting around a campfire, sleeping in camping tents and also affixed to a mountain. The pictures made the trip to Kenya more real. It also calmed the children down a bit seeing how much fun their instructors are having over in Africa. (I think some of the kids thought Mr. Arnold and Ms. Adina were not having a blast in Africa. For a while they were sad that they ever went away and one of them said, that she didn’t think they were ever going to return).

After seeing the photos and talking about Kenya, they felt more satisfied about the trip and their instructors going.      IMG_9975




Adina grew up around the Mary Mitchell Center. When they hired me, she was one of the people I met. She worked with me as my assistant over the pass summer. She is such a helpful person. She is wise and I am glad she is apart of the Mary Mitchell family.  She is holding the ‘health walk’  signs ,that were created by Miss Josefina and the Art class, before they were given out to the children.