The Cast


The Kids put on a show titled The Super Hero Bullies. The center director found it on a website (Im not sure which one) and gave it to us to direct. Its written by Mary Engquist. It is centred around two friends who are known as the bullies of the school. Then, one of them wants to change.

I was very proud of them. I hope we can put on another show.

the KIDDY interview

Channel 12


Channel 12, was there to document the Health Walk. The reporter took time to interview the children. Look at their serious faces! They all walked away excited to be on television.

Volley Ball

The Colors of the Rainbow


I like looking at this picture. Little Nyla’s pose is amazing. She is only in Kindergarten and look at her putting her hand on her hips!

Hiding in the back is Elsa, Mary Mitchell’s cook.