This is a close up of Sarah.

By the way, the choo-choo train crew are making so much noise! They are screaming “choo-choo train!!!” As soon as I took the picture, they proceeded to try and ‘move the train out of the station’…which means a lot of chairs being dragged across the floor.

Sarah Cacicio

Sarah CacicioToday I met a wonderful person named Sarah at the Mary Mitchell Center.

She was about to leave the building when I asked her if I could take a picture of her lovely outfit for my blog.

She told me she got her paper bag skirt from Madewell which I think is the piece that makes her outfit so stunning.

In addition to having a perfect outfit, she also had a wonderful personality. I felt like Sarah and I were friends for a long time. She was so down to earth. Even though we didn’t have much time to talk, I could tell she was someone I wouldn’t mind being friends with.

It was her idea to take a picture with the kids as a backdrop.

My Friend Jessica



Jessica came into my life at a time when I felt alone. She recently joined my church after visiting for a while.

I don’t even know when we became friends all I know is now we are like sisters!


Church Family- Literally!

Church Family


So, when my family went down to Virginia we went to church- of course!

Going to church made my Birthday all the better (my birthday happened to be the day after Thanksgiving).

But I’m not blogging about my Birthday. I’m blogging about the fact that everyone who was at church was literally related to me- from the pulpit to the door.

At the church I attend in New York, everyone is not related to me; so going to church in Virginia and worshiping with family only seemed like a once in a life time experience.

In this picture is my family and all who attended service that night.

Oh, and before I end, to top off having a good birthday, the preacher- my cousin, preached a message using Isaiah 40 which is the exact scripture I’ve been dwelling on since the summer.

Isn’t Jesus good?




Here we are, my siblings and our cousins!!

And guess what? that’s not even half of us! So many are missing.

You see how I’m the only Blessed one to get bunny ears?