The Showers of Blessings Conference

I had many high notes for the Showers of Blessings Conference. But the two that happened at the very end was having the opportunity to sing ‘Blessed Assurance’ with my 95 year old grandma and hear her tell me, God Bless You repeatedly. The next one was spending time with my church sisters, my childhood friends. We stayed up until three in the morning talking about Race and Men (doesn’t that sound like a book title?)!


Raspberry Jam for Mother’s Day

The Little Flock made raspberry jam for mother’s day. It was a fun, quick and easy process. The children were eager to do everything from washing the dishes to mashing raspberries.

I am not a raspberry lover. I actually don’t like the taste but seeing them eat the raspberries like candy, made me want to try some.

After mashing the berries, one child was picked to measure and pour sugar. Then, we placed it on the stove for two minutes.

I stirred the mix and soon it was ready.

Each child washed out a mini mason jar and I filled it up to the brim.

Then, while I cleaned up the kitchen, they raced upstairs to wrap their gifts and present it to their mothers.

Now I am thinking, what can we do for father’s day?