Minister Henry

Minister Henry

The other thing we sold were personalized spoons that read: 50TH Holy Convocation 1965-2015,  Bless this Kitchen with Love and Laughter Holy Temple Church

The spoons were made by Personalized Gallery at Ms. Kim Goodwin was very helpful and patient with me. In the photo, Minister Henry is buying a button and a spoon.

Church Family- Literally!

Church Family


So, when my family went down to Virginia we went to church- of course!

Going to church made my Birthday all the better (my birthday happened to be the day after Thanksgiving).

But I’m not blogging about my Birthday. I’m blogging about the fact that everyone who was at church was literally related to me- from the pulpit to the door.

At the church I attend in New York, everyone is not related to me; so going to church in Virginia and worshiping with family only seemed like a once in a life time experience.

In this picture is my family and all who attended service that night.

Oh, and before I end, to top off having a good birthday, the preacher- my cousin, preached a message using Isaiah 40 which is the exact scripture I’ve been dwelling on since the summer.

Isn’t Jesus good?

Rob Bennaton

Rob Bennaton

When I was in College, I got an internship at the New York City Housing Authority. I was working in the Garden and Greening Program and hired by Rob Bennaton, the happy man in the picture….also the only man in the picture.

When I left, I told my sister, Yunis, about the internship. Yunis applied and was the next person Rob hired. Before she left, she passed on the position to my brother who then passed it on to our youngest sister, April, who now works there. Can you believe, all my younger siblings were also hired by Rob?

That’s why it is important to have a good record where ever you go.

Each summer since 2008, someone in my house was working for Rob or because of Rob. Each summer he shared with us different words of wisdom.

Rob is now leaving the New York City Housing Authority for a bigger and better position in California.

I am very happy for him and wish him and his beautiful family all the best.

Thank you Rob for your constant words of wisdom and for looking out for my family your help towards us will never be forgotten.