The 50th Holy Convocation Jubilee Cookbook

The Holy Convocation Jubilee Cookbook

The Following is some of the  introduction I wrote for the Jubilee Cookbook. They are still on sale at

From the sacrifice dinner to the Sunday dinner, food has become a part of the church’s history in fundamental ways.

From the Radio Helping Hand bake sells’ to the Young People Organization’s cook outs, food has helped the church to become a staple in the community.

From Western Beef and Family Dollar, to Jetro and Price Choice food has helped the community to make the right choice. Many saints have testified about their encounter with other saints in the food markets which eventually led them to hearing the Gospel.

From who’s cooking to what’s cooking, questions about food and the Holy Temple Church is never farfetched. It is normal to be asked if the church one attends is the one that sells food on the corner of East 180TH, just as it is normal to be asked if you attend the late Bishop Randolph Goodwin church.

From the late 1950’s, when the foundation of the Holy Temple Church began, until now, people have come from all across the world getting saved and eventually cooking for the church. So, it is no wonder that the church’s recipes are constantly passed down from the elderly saints to the young people, enforcing a greater sense of subculture-ness and family life into the church.

If one hasn’t tasted southern cooked food at home, there is a possibility one have tasted it at the church, if one hasn’t come across food from a local garden, there is a possibility one has eaten it at the church.

From the east coast to the west coast, the southern belt to the mid-west, the word of God has gone forth and brought people to the Headquarters’ temple. While the word and the true teachings of Jesus Christ have brought the people and kept the people spiritually, food has brought them together naturally.

The following recipes located in this book are some of the recipes that the saints have come across down through the years, either in the kitchen or at the dining table. Some of the recipes have been submitted by experienced cooks while others by experimental cooks but all are promising to be fulfilling.

Each submission is original and described in the cook’s best possible way.

May God forever bless your kitchen with his Love and your family’s laughter

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