Hey, Ms. Hurley?

This little kid made sure to visit his sister’s class all year long. He sat at the computer learning with her and most times when I would ask his sister a question, he would fight her to answer it himself.

Once, the children had a conversation about what age it was appropriate to make a bed. Right when the class was about to agree that a 4 year old could not make up a bed, he turned on his sister’s camera and told us he made up his own bed. Then, we all sat then in silence.

Forget it when it was time to make projects or have fun. I had to beg him. “please allow your sister to speak” then his parents would come and take him to the next room.

He’s so bold. I thought.

But that was all virtually because when I ran into him and his dad in the train station, he refused to show his face.

The Chocolate Touch Book Report

Andre used a Bingo tin can to complete his Chocolate Touch book report

My principal made it clear that this year we couldn’t have parties and put a limit on how many sweets children could eat. She stressed healty eating at all times. This was all good, however; after reading The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling, it was time for a book celebration and of course all anyone could think about was chocolate. I searched the internet for book reports that were about candy and still within the guidelines.

I came across a Mint Tin Can book report on teacherthrive.com.

Then, I put together the following letter for my little third graders.

Dear Radiant Third Graders, 

We have finished reading The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling!! Therefore….it’s time for a book report. This book report has two parts and of course, it includes something dealing with candy!! 

Part I: You’ll need one common mint tin (about 3.5 by 2.25 inches). ( eat/ share all the mints inside and save the tin for your report) Using the background template (included),  draw a background from an important scene in the book and glue it into the interior of the lid.The next step is adding your foreground, which will “pop out” from the background. Use cardstock for this part; it holds up better and creates a cleaner pop-up effect. 

To give the foreground the pop-out effect,  glue pieces of crafting foam onto the back of it.  

Next, tape your own label using white  paper on the cover of the tin. This part should be the title of your book report.   

Part II: Attached you will find a picture sample for the book report. You will submit a MINT TIN BOOKREPORT.  Color, glue, paste and write neatly. Your mint tin will be graded on presentation. 

Be sure to include the following on each of the SIX sheets: 

  1. Story structure: Beginning , Middle,  Ending
  2. Story Elements:  Setting,  Problem,  Solution
  3. Your favorite part of the Story
  4. Draw your favorite character 
  5. Write your favorite quote from the story
  6. Define one word new vocabulary word from the story

Your responses should be written in your best handwriting.

Have fun! 

Anticipating Greatness,

Ms. Hurley

For images and how the project should look visit:

The following pictures are some of their projects.