Before the Snow Comes

Yesterday was a nice day. The temperature was 65 degrees! The children were outside in shorts and tee shirts in the back yard. However, in the front of the building, the janitor was placing down salt for the snow storm promised to hit the following day…

Mailman Rafael


When I got off the train, I started walking the wrong way and got a little lost. Rafael was across the street. Usually I would pull my phone out and try to find the directions myself but it was too cold for all that.

I crossed the street and asked him the location of Langston Hughes house.

I had to repeat myself because I think I caught him off guard when I said the artist’s name. I then told him what I was into and why I was looking for it.

I am volunteering at the Langston Hughes House, I said,  We are renovating it to open it up to the public as a historical site. 

It turns out that he used to deliver mail there years ago. He not only gave me the address but also history of how the house looked 15 years ago: I’ve been in the house before. It was not being kept by anyone and all his things were sitting there just collecting dust. Papers and furniture just sitting there. He then looked at me and encouraged me: It’s beautiful to see a young sister like you involved with projects like this. You don’t see this everyday.



Chi Atanga

When I was in Harlem today, I ran into fashion designer, Chi Atanga, from Manchester, London.

Lovely accent, lovely outfit and beautiful personality. He told me he was on his way back to Manchester but still allowed me to photograph him and told me of his business.

check him out at