New York


Wall Mural by TATS CRU

The plaque reads:

TATS CRU The mural Kings est. 1980…TATS CRU is a group of New York City-based professional muralists whose work in aerosol has transformed and popularized the graffiti art movement. In the mid 80’s three teenagers began their artist careers by creating subway graffiti. What began as an adolescent hobby and recognition tactic has evolved into a powerful, expressively iconic style that has brought TATS CRU to the forefront of the mural industry. For over two decades TATS CRU has spearheaded the battle to change people’s perception of graffiti as an art form through their respected work. In addition to the recognition they receive throughout the world as leaders in the mural art industry, proof of TATS CRU’S success and the acceptance of graffiti as an art form can be found in their murals that adorn the walls of major corporations, museums, schools, and iconic New York City institutions.

The Houston Bowery Wall, Curated by GGA