Majora Carter


Last year after doing a mini lesson on Urban Planning and talking about communities, cities and how they are built, I invited  leading urban revitalization strategy consultant, and real estate developer, Majora Cater, to speak to the students and we all were surprised when she actually came!!

She spoke to the third graders in a language they could understand. She shared with them the power of education and how needful it was as she was growing up. Of course they were more interested in the story about her dog walking in her wedding and how she felt when the Bronx was burning. However, she kept them engaged and informed them of what the Bronx used to be before they were born.

As the teacher who invited her, I was extremely happy and proud! I kept smiling the entire day! Especially when my principal said she enjoyed the presentation.



Community Helpers

Community Helpers

During the spring, which seems like a very long time ago now, the Literacy Club brainstormed on different ways

to improve their neighborhood.

Cleaning was one of the first ideas.

I went to the Majora Carter Group center in the Bronx (  and purchased a few dog poop few signs. Perviously, I saw a few signs in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx and took the phone number  (718-874-4313) listed at the bottom of the sign to see if I could start the same thing in my neighborhood.

They were super eager to post signs throughout the neighborhood.

I personally think they liked the opportunity to tell their community what to do.

An entire week was dedicated to talking about Dog Poop in the neighborhood. We read  Dog books together as a class and even made up dog songs!




While some were hanging signs, others were sitting on the park bench.

Yep, we even put some in the park.

Some people walk their dogs in the park and forget it’s a place to play; not a place  worry about stepping in dog poop.

No more Dog Poop!



They are so adamant and ready to clean up the streets from dog poop they begin to chant “No more Dog Poop!”

They had just finished putting a dog poop sign by the garden.