Joi posting her Sign

Joi posts her Sign


They learned that dog poop is bad, not because it stinks and it’s easy to step in but it also because it isn’t good for the trees and the plants.

While we were putting the sign up, they looked around for people walking their dogs.

They not only posted signs, but also talked with dog owners asking them to clean up after their dogs.

Volley Ball

The Colors of the Rainbow


I like looking at this picture. Little Nyla’s pose is amazing. She is only in Kindergarten and look at her putting her hand on her hips!

Hiding in the back is Elsa, Mary Mitchell’s cook.

The Literacy Club

Literacy Club



Here we are at the Library right before school let out. We had just finished signing up for the Summer Reading Program.

Pen-Pal Day

Pen-Pal Day


Joi searches for her pen-pal blind folded…

Which one is your Pen-pal?

Pen-Pal Day 2




Ayana tries to pin point her pen-pal while being blind folded….

Joi fulfilling her Name

Joi fulfilling her name


This is Joi in all her glory.

Yes, it is possible to take children to a neighborhood garden and for them to have sooo much fun!