Beautification Day

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The beginning of April. The start of Spring. April 1st. My sister, April, hosted her first beautification day in the neighborhood. Homeowners, the Youth, dog walkers, teachers, children not yet in school- all were welcome to come and beautify the neighborhood.

Mosaic Pizza at the Point

The Point


In July, we took the Summer Campers to the Community Center on 940 Garrison Avenue in the Bronx, also known as the Point.

There they met Danny, one of the instructors and made pizza.

Some of them ate their pizza straight out of the oven, but most of them decided to save their pizza for their parents against my will. I kept asking them to just eat it! When we walked outside, the pizza that they tried to save fell from my hands and they were upset with me.

Joi fulfilling her Name

Joi fulfilling her name


This is Joi in all her glory.

Yes, it is possible to take children to a neighborhood garden and for them to have sooo much fun!

Lilly, Jr.

Lilly, Jr.


The students at Mary Mitchell ¬†built¬†this Snowman and named it after me…calling it Lilly, Jr.

When I asked why I had to have a child that will melt, Sensi Will said: so I can take care of it once a year.