The Hijab

Taliyah who loves to pay attention to diversity and others asked Asrar to teach her how to make her scarf into a hijab. Mr. Sylvester was there to capture the moment.


Azaria and Tatyana

I came across two high school students, Azaria and Tatyana, who were happy for the snow day. At least they get a small break during regents week.

My sister asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up and Tatyana said she wanted to be a pathologist and Azaria said she wanted to join the police force.

Interesting enough, Azaria added that she’s not scared to become an office and have some knowledge about the force after spending time at the Police academy….for mischievous behavior.

A Snow Day

Joi fulfilling her Name

Joi fulfilling her name


This is Joi in all her glory.

Yes, it is possible to take children to a neighborhood garden and for them to have sooo much fun!

Literacy Club Goes DIVA

As prizes one day, I gave each of my students’ fashion magazines. The girls got LUCKY Magazines and were super excited to get magazines that maybe teenagers would read. A few of them stayed afterwards to look through their magazines and talk about the clothes and accessories.

Don’t they look chic?!