So, I was about to snap her photo really quick but as she got closer I recognized her.

I knew I knew her and we were friends at Fordham but I couldn’t remember her name. So, I just stood her with my arms wide open and this funny look on my face!

Then she started laughing and we both started to laugh. It turns out we work in the same area! New York is so big yet so small.

(Not only did Karilyn remember me but she remembered my name…Gosh, I didn’t know I was that bad with names!)

Before I go, Just wanted to point out that the umbrella in the background matches her jewelry.


Me & Tasha


One of the things I enjoy about meeting up with some of my friends is the feeling I have when we depart. I haven’t seen Tasha, one of my close friends from undergrad, in a while but when we meet we just picked up where we left off.

One thing she left with me is everything you do, do it with a purpose. When Jesus walked the earth, he did all he did with a purpose.