Opeyemi Remembers


I ran into one of my high school sisters. Embarrassingly enough, I had to confess to her that I forgot her name. We recognized each other at the same time in the train station. But she acknowledged me first.

Lystria Hurley!!

Oh, Hi! You look familiar.


Yes. Where did I meet you at? Did you attend Fordham or do you go to…

You forgot me? Really?

No, I remember you. I just forgot your name and…

SJB! We met in high school. You were a year older than me!

Ohhhhhhhh, shucks! Right. right.

Do you remember my name?

No. No. I’m so sorry. What is it again?


Oh…..yeah. Opeyemi! I remember now! How are you?

After a short moment of ohhhing and ahhing to convince Opeyemi that I really did remember her, we embraced and spoke for a long time.

Majority of the conversation was her reminding me about high school.  Actually, my memory was depending her hers and vice versa. I could not remember who she hung out with, some of the teachers we shared, and even if we shared friends (which it turned out that she knew all my friends and sisters!).

She kept on bashing me (in a kind way) for forgetting her. “How could you forget me? I’m hurt.” But, I really didn’t forget her. I simply forgot her name….and some high school moments. Or maybe they were replaced by other moments which made other memories dormant? Perhaps they were waiting for Opeyemi to come along and ignite them. Isn’t that’s what memories are, bits of information that sits in our head until time tells us to use it?

One thing I do remember about high school is sitting in Ms. Kurtz’s biology class and zoning out. She was talking to the class about the difference between long term and short term memory. I was staring outside and something she said about long term memory drew me in.

Ms. Kurtz, can you give an example of long term memory? I asked.

Lystria, if a cute boy walks up to you today and tell you that you are pretty and gorgeous, you will remember that for a long time. That’s long term memory. He made you feel good. Your emotions were evolved. But, these notes? you will not remember them. Unless you study, and you still may forget them…..

I kid you not, I did not even pay attention to anything else she had to say. I kept on day dreaming about that cute boy.

When Opeyemi scorned me for forgetting, I blamed it on age but that didn’t work being I was only one year older than her. However, now that I am still thinking about the situation, I think it does have something to do with age. I was Opeyemi’s older sister in high school. She and her friends all looked up to me. I tutored and counseled with them. This made her remember me. I also was an ambassador for my school which meant I was always meeting freshmen. Every year. And being paired with new students.  While most of the upper class men were busy with just their  friends, I knew students from every year. That’s a lot of people to remember now! Had it been the other way around, she probably wouldn’t remember my full name!

I think how I treated the freshmen and welcomed them into my school, made memories stick with them. I can’t even remember all of my close friends from high school.

The words poet Maya Angelou said are true:  …people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel, this good feeling of nostalgia showed up in our ability to pick up our companionship. However, I think the quote should read, people will forget your name too.








There are a few Bronxnites who live in my neighborhood who ALWAYS dress to kill. Edwina’s one of them. I am not talking about young people, I am talking about older people whom I have noticed.

Edwina is a kind woman. When I was going to Fordham and would walk to school, I would see her walking in the opposite direction. She would always be dressed up and have a beautiful smile on her face. She would smile and say hi. Sometimes she complimented me on my outfit and other times she would encourage me to continue my education. What she doesn’t know is her compliments and words of encouragements always made my day.

Since I graduated and stopped walking that route, I haven’t seen her in a while. Last week, I went out with my sisters and bumped into Edwina. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask her her name and snapped a picture.

In this photo, she is not that dressy. I should include that it was raining. However, she still has her beautiful smile.

Dr. Naison & Liz


In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday I thought I’ll blog about Dr. Naison and his lovely wife who have been married for over 30 years.  If family is not one of the main things to be thankful for, what is? By looking at this photo one can tell that they are still happy with one another. It was satisfying to be around them too. They are very down to earth and warm people.

Dr. Naison is the head of the African-American Studies Department at Fordham University and while I was in school, I took his class titled, From Rock and Roll to Hip-Hop.

I learned so much in that class. It was the only class I was able to talk in dept about the music I listen to…and I was a music major. In addition to it being the only class that allowed me to express my love of Gospel music, it was not (and still isn’t) considered a music class at Fordham.

Every time I think about how Fordham doesn’t include music classes that talk about music besides Classical and Jazz, it really annoys me. I tried talking to the Music department but nothing was changed. How Fordham University is going to be in the heart of the Bronx (where Hip-Hop music was born) and doesn’t include Hip-Hop music in its course selection?!


I met Tjay at Dr. Naison’s (one of my Fordham professor’s) house party.

She’s a dancer from Germany.

Take note of her simple but chic outfit. First of all, I love that she has a hat on and is rocking it well. Not too many people have the talent to add a hat to their outfit and rock it. Also, she has on a fitting lace skirt, not a regular black skirt which really goes with her wedges.  (If you look closely, you would also see her new tattoo on her right arm).



So, I was about to snap her photo really quick but as she got closer I recognized her.

I knew I knew her and we were friends at Fordham but I couldn’t remember her name. So, I just stood her with my arms wide open and this funny look on my face!

Then she started laughing and we both started to laugh. It turns out we work in the same area! New York is so big yet so small.

(Not only did Karilyn remember me but she remembered my name…Gosh, I didn’t know I was that bad with names!)

Before I go, Just wanted to point out that the umbrella in the background matches her jewelry.