Noah was walking with his aunt when I asked if it was okay for me to photograph him. His sense of fashion is on point for a young person. You never know where the next big clothing designer is lurking! IMG_0280

That Hat

That Hat

Last weekend at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church there was a party. The neighborhood got together with the members of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition to celebrate the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory.



Water Hydrant


I hope you guys don’t get tired of my fire hydrant photos! Almost every hydrant in the Bronx  is on everyday- some continue to run during the night. It’s so hot that the hydrant is the best way to stay cool.


This is Chris.

He was actually walking really fast a block ahead of me and I promised myself, if I catch up to him, I am going to ask to photograph him. As soon as I made that promise, he stopped to fix his ipod and that gave me enough time to catch up.

He is a student at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and lives in the Bronx.

Look at his style! From his hair style to his military boots (which you will see in the next post) he is on point.

If you look closely at his shirt,  you will see the cuffs  are designed with horizontally stripes. His vest is plaid but not very loud so it goes very well with is shirt pattern.

And his hair…is burgundy…like his pants. Which you will see in the next post.