Mother Webber’s Amazing bow tie Blouse

This is Mother Webber, singing about Joy in the Holy Ghost!

While singing, my eyes followed her blouse. Mother Webber’s blouse fixture is so intricate, I couldn’t stop looking at it! It looks like a bow tie or maybe a bib or maybe an extra collar? Who knows? What I do know is the way she fixed it up to span across her contrasting blazer made it even more unique.

Fund Raising

Cook Book Activity

This summer my church had its 50th Holy Convocation. There was excitement in the air and great expectations.

To celebrate it, I along with a group of sisters and brothers created a cookbook using recipes from the saints in the church. It was a lot of hard work but worth it. The second week of the convocation, we sold the books along with other memorabilia to fund raise for the church.

Here Bishop Green is visiting our table. If you look closely, you will see he is holding a button, another item we were selling. My dad helped us make the art and taught us how to use a button machine.

Sitting next to me is Brother Junior Crawford. He helped me sell most of the buttons and once Sheranda left, took her spot. Caleb never left me.

The Little Flock making Ice Cream

Making Ice Cream

During the second week of the Holy Convocation the Little Flock made ice cream outside. Sister Shekea lead the kids in making ice cream. They were excited and hopeful. After they all drew a picture of how they thought their ice cream would turn out, they were given ice, salt, blue berries and other items to start the process.

Zach’s Surprise 7th Birthday Party


The second Monday of the Holy Convocation was extra special to Zach because it was his 7th Birthday!

He came in church with a bow tie and a new haircut. His beautiful mom testified about him and he was the king of the night.

He did not know that we were going to surprise him with a party! He could not hold back his smile when he realized all the saints were singing Happy Birthday just for him!