Lovers with a Watcher



Watch while we love

and watch while we fall

in love we watch each other

and hold one another

and look for a future


that is limitless

but not flawless

that is full of surprises

that are unavoidable


and you’ll see



Sometimes I look at a photo and make up a poem on the spot…all I do is watch.

Elba Luciano & Gizmo


I always wanted to take a picture of Elba wearing her cowgirl hat but yesterday I actually asked. It turns out Elba was so friendly we spoke for a while about her growing up in Manhattan, her mom moving from Puerto Rico and how she came to name her dog ‘Gizmo’ (She got his name from the movie Gremlins).

She is the second person I asked to photograph and in response said- “Someone need to photograph you!” For some reason, I like when I hear that.

She also told me she will be rooting for me when I become famous.

When I complimented her on her cowgirl hat she said- “I’m telling you, I’m a cowgirl!”