Kimberly & Rodolfo

Kimberly & Rodolfo

This pass weekend I took my former students out for brunch.

Rodolfo was in my class last year and over the summer I tutored his sister, Kimberly. They are so sweet and intelligent. I love their sister-brother relationship.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with children.

After eating a whole lot, we went to Crotona Park not knowing that there was going to be Free Rowing for anyone over 8 years old.

Rodolfo who is seven and a half was told he couldn’t go…even though he’s big enough to be a nine year old. So, only Kimberly went and made good friends with a NYU student, Jessie. I stayed by Rodolfo and comforted him.

After the adventures in the park we took a long trek back home. We were tired when we got home…well, maybe only I was tired because when I dropped them off I over heard Rodolfo asking his mother if he could ride his bike.

Jessie & Kimberly


Jessie and Kimberly rowing in Crotona Park. Looks like they finally got the hang of rowing the boat gently down the pond.