Mother Webber’s Amazing bow tie Blouse

This is Mother Webber, singing about Joy in the Holy Ghost!

While singing, my eyes followed her blouse. Mother Webber’s blouse fixture is so intricate, I couldn’t stop looking at it! It looks like a bow tie or maybe a bib or maybe an extra collar? Who knows? What I do know is the way she fixed it up to span across her contrasting blazer made it even more unique.


Marvel During spring break I went down to Virginia to visit my mother’s side of the family.

Of all the friends I could make, I made friends with a horse named Marvel.

I am a city girl, so meeting a horse was kind of scary. I am not used to being so close to animals that are taller and much bigger than me. I was scared to go near Marvel. She came really close to me and broke all the ice that could exist between us.

Now I kind of want my own horse.