Harry Belafonte


Over the weekend when I went to the Schomberg Center to view 100 Moments, I ran into American singer, songwriter, actor and social activist  Harry Balafonte!!

I felt really good because I was looking at Gordon Parks pictures wishing I could have met Gordon Parks when all of sudden I looked up and saw Mr. Belafonte! It was so random and even though they are two different people and are recognized for different achievements, It feels good meeting a celebrity that you actually can connect with.


Okay, so originally, I saw this guy…whose name is Trouble….in a picture before I took the picture.

The train was really crowed and amongst the crowd he stood out with his sun glasses and yellow tee. I should have picked up my camera then to take a photo but I didn’t. I waited and waited and when I finally took the picture, it didn’t come out the way I expected too. I wanted a candid shot but it came out the complete opposite.

Anyways, the good thing is I got to meet him. His birth name is not Trouble. He’s a musician with a band. His stage name is Trouble and his band name is Durty Boy ‘n Da Runch Buikets  (I hope I spelled everything right).  He seemed pretty excited about me taking his photo. So excited that I regret waiting so long to put the camera to my face. Sometimes you just need a little more faith.