On Saturday after I left the Mary Mitchell Center, I saw Marianna walking with her two sister’s and thought, I like the way she’s dressing… When I caught up with them, she looked at me and said, I know you!

Which surprised me.

From where?

Fordham University.

So, she did know me. Well, at least she knew of me. Apparently, we both went to Fordham and graduated at the same time. Our paths just never crossed until Saturday.

We live in the same neighborhood and work with the same children. We have so much in common. It was like I ran into a long lost friend!

Okay, Marianna’s outfit. Her dress and scarf combination works perfectly. But what I enjoy the most is the change purse she told me she got from a friend who visited Jamaica.


Okay, so originally, I saw this guy…whose name is Trouble….in a picture before I took the picture.

The train was really crowed and amongst the crowd he stood out with his sun glasses and yellow tee. I should have picked up my camera then to take a photo but I didn’t. I waited and waited and when I finally took the picture, it didn’t come out the way I expected too. I wanted a candid shot but it came out the complete opposite.

Anyways, the good thing is I got to meet him. His birth name is not Trouble. He’s a musician with a band. His stage name is Trouble and his band name is Durty Boy ‘n Da Runch Buikets  (I hope I spelled everything right).  He seemed pretty excited about me taking his photo. So excited that I regret waiting so long to put the camera to my face. Sometimes you just need a little more faith.