Wines & Liquors & dRUMs

Wines & Liquors


There is a little boy in front of the liquor store with a mini drum set.

Maybe he was taking a short break because when I walked by he wasn’t really playing, just looking around. 

Family Time

Family Time


This picture was originally taken by the children’s grandma, Lisa Diggs. I am working on a project for her and she showed me some of her family pictures. Out of all of them, this was my favorite. I changed it a little to my liking. It reminds me of the late photographer, Helen Levitt, who photographed Children.

Dr. Naison & Liz


In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday I thought I’ll blog about Dr. Naison and his lovely wife who have been married for over 30 years.  If family is not one of the main things to be thankful for, what is? By looking at this photo one can tell that they are still happy with one another. It was satisfying to be around them too. They are very down to earth and warm people.

Dr. Naison is the head of the African-American Studies Department at Fordham University and while I was in school, I took his class titled, From Rock and Roll to Hip-Hop.

I learned so much in that class. It was the only class I was able to talk in dept about the music I listen to…and I was a music major. In addition to it being the only class that allowed me to express my love of Gospel music, it was not (and still isn’t) considered a music class at Fordham.

Every time I think about how Fordham doesn’t include music classes that talk about music besides Classical and Jazz, it really annoys me. I tried talking to the Music department but nothing was changed. How Fordham University is going to be in the heart of the Bronx (where Hip-Hop music was born) and doesn’t include Hip-Hop music in its course selection?!

Harry Belafonte


Over the weekend when I went to the Schomberg Center to view 100 Moments, I ran into American singer, songwriter, actor and social activist  Harry Balafonte!!

I felt really good because I was looking at Gordon Parks pictures wishing I could have met Gordon Parks when all of sudden I looked up and saw Mr. Belafonte! It was so random and even though they are two different people and are recognized for different achievements, It feels good meeting a celebrity that you actually can connect with.