Zach, the last one

Lilly and ZachLilly & Zach

I think I baby sat for Sister Whitlock since 2009. I just graduated from college and started working with children in my neighborhood and at the church. During the convocation that year and for the next seven years I had fun taking her children all over the city every time they visited New York. Now her baby, Zach is as a big boy. He’s in the second grade!  He is the only one who ask me if I can take him out.  All her kids grew up. I did too. Now, I get paid to do what I did for free and it’s not as fun.

Zach’s Surprise 7th Birthday Party


The second Monday of the Holy Convocation was extra special to Zach because it was his 7th Birthday!

He came in church with a bow tie and a new haircut. His beautiful mom testified about him and he was the king of the night.

He did not know that we were going to surprise him with a party! He could not hold back his smile when he realized all the saints were singing Happy Birthday just for him!