Vanessa, Antoinette and Romae

A few months back, I went to Virginia to visit my family. I was happy because I met up with some of my cousins, some of whom I haven’t seen in a long time! I’m not a selfie fan but couldn’t say no when the selfie fun began! In the middle is Vanessa. I think the last time I saw her, she probably was in elementary school and now she is in college. Next to her (on the left) is Antoinette and her sister Romae. Look how happy we are! IMG_20141220_161956

Spending time at the Nursing Home

I remember as a little girl my mom would take my siblings and I to visit the sick and the elderly. We did not always want to go and most of the time were forced to give up our Saturdays to sing at someone’s sick-bed.

I remember one time we went to someone’s home who was so helpless. The person could not help themselves at all. You know how people thank God for the use of their limbs? Well, even though she had limbs, they were not in use.  Also, there was a certain stench- I can still almost smell it- just by remembering this situation.  But my mom did not once turn up her nose or leave any faster than she would have left a relative home. She stayed and spent time chatting and laughing.

I did not know then, but now I know that my mom was teaching us how to give and how to give freely. She taught us how to give expecting nothing in return. A lesson that not many people have. I have friends who don’t see the importance in volunteering or simply sharing.

Now as an assistant directress of the Holy Temple Church Radio Young Adult Choir and a member of the Holy Temple Church Radio Junior Choir I make an effort to visit the Saint Barnabas Nursing Home every time either choir attend (this is a picture of us on a Sunday). Going to visit the sick and lonely always makes my day go better. It’s something about doing good that makes you feel good.

I encourage you to find an outlet where you can do good and expect nothing in return.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Isn’t it cute when you see a couple dressing a like? It makes you feel like you should be doing the same thing…but first you gotta find someone, then you have to wait awhile to see if you guys will get along, then you have to wait some more to see if he’ll like the idea and if he does like the idea you may have to shop together…unless you guys are so in-sync that you just happen to dress alike without planning anything. Then maybe soon you wouldn’t be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. You’ll be husband and wife and I don’t see too many husband and wives dressing a like. So, do you really want to dress alike in the first place?