The Wall outside the School

Before I left Ecuador, I went on a small adventure alone. I caught the bus that passed by the house every morning and then got off to catch another bus. I was careful not to get lost! Every time I saw amazing art, I’ll get off the bus and take pictures and then wait for the next one.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox


I met Mr. Fox a Saturday ago. He was the bus driver who took my students to Philadelphia.

He pulled the long bus in front of the center right on time.

The parents, students and staff got excited when they saw the bus. It made going to Philadelphia a dream come true!

The bus is here!! One person called out and that created an even greater excitement.

The news ignited the crowd. I walked downstairs to check on the volunteers who were making sandwiches. I could hear the children upstairs talking excitedly about the big, big bus out side. Their feet running to look out the door.

I went upstairs to where everyone was waiting and addressed the crow: Mary Mitchell!!

Here we are!! They responded.

Good Morning and thanks for coming! As you already know, the bus is outside! By the time my speech was over, everyone stood up and began to aboard the bus.

When I walked on the bus, Mr. Fox turned to me and said, “So, you are the lady in charge.”

“Yes. I am.” I responded.

“What you got planed for today?”

This began our relationship and set the tone for our trip. His wife, Mrs. Fox was there and assisted me almost like a mother assists a daughter. Never in the way, encouraging and there for support.

Needless to say, we had a safe and very successful trip.

I can’t wait to use Entertainment Express again!

Living life to be Golden!

Hi y’all doing this is Sam Sam taking over for his sister for tonight. LWB © *;

This is Golden Man. You have the ”Golden Child,” but he is the Golden Man…

About 4 to 5 years ago, someone I knew took a picture with this young man. And coming out of Juniors tonight I seen him once again doing the same thing  What a kawinkydink… He is usually around and or between 42 and 34 street downtown Manhattan. (And he talks if you talk to him, not a total mime yet. Also obviously he is around the tourist and crowed areas. He has to make that money like everyone else.) He said the picture that you see above is from when he first started, about the first week to month. That was his spot right at olive garden downtown. As he begApril's Golden Manin to learn about his new trade he began to venture out. People when you see other people trying to make a living with various odd legal and reasonable jobs such as this young man or selling legal goods on the street. Please don’t look down on them because you don’t know what you may have to do when it is all said and done. You may not have money or food for them if they are asking for that, but a “how your doing”, “nice work”, or “good job” goes a long way even on a bad day.
But that’s my bit for today have a good one and as a lady I know says: ”Stay bless ladies and gentlemen.”