Something Special in the Mail

Two weekends ago my best friend, Ashley, sent me a gift in the mail.

I knew it was something special. She texted me daily asking me if I went to the post office.

Stria, did you check today?

No. Why? What is it?

Not telling you!

I started guessing.

Is it one of the books from my book list?


I knew she didn’t want to tell me. I wanted to go to the post office but I kept running late. Finally, when Friday came along my sister texted me, I picked up the package for you.

When I came home, I was excited to find a homemade chocolate coconut cake! That weekend, we did a zoom call, sang happy birthday, blew candles and cut the moist delicious cake. Yum!


Like many of the people I took photos of today, I took a picture of Keith while I was at church, during the bake/ dinner sale.

I think his jean vest is awesome (look at the next blog post to see a close up of it).

Actually, I didn’t even know that jean vest were in this season until one of the little boys in my church ask me to get him one as a birthday gift. That’s when I realized that a lot of people are wearing them. (A lot of men not little boys are wearing them, I think the kid in my church is ahead of his times). The kid in my church even told me how he was going to wear it- with buttons and other accessories. I hope he keeps dreaming about it because I can’t even find denim┬ávest for kids his age. He’s 12 now. (Help!)