Like many of the people I took photos of today, I took a picture of Keith while I was at church, during the bake/ dinner sale.

I think his jean vest is awesome (look at the next blog post to see a close up of it).

Actually, I didn’t even know that jean vest were in this season until one of the little boys in my church ask me to get him one as a birthday gift. That’s when I realized that a lot of people are wearing them. (A lot of men not little boys are wearing them, I think the kid in my church is ahead of his times). The kid in my church even told me how he was going to wear it- with buttons and other accessories. I hope he keeps dreaming about it because I can’t even find denim vest for kids his age. He’s 12 now. (Help!)

The Beetle Volkswagen 1972

I think this is my third time taking a photo of a Yellow Beetle this year.

I don’t know, every time I see one I put the camera to my face. This time, I caught one with the owner.

I saw this car from afar and sped up to take photos of it. It was surrounded by men speaking in Spanish. I didn’t know whose car it was. I thought it was one of the men until a lady came out of the store. She proudly walked to the car and opened the doors.

She was even prouder when I asked if I could photograph it! Then she turn to leave but I notice the hood was still open and when I mentioned it, she then told me her husband was standing there.

And all that time I though she was one of those single ladies doing her thang!  I think she would have never mentioned the man…

Doesn’t she look proud?