Tabling at Wildlife High School


Last weekend I tabled for Mary Mitchell at Wild Life high school for their health fair with some of my colleagues. The new intern for the After School Program, Arianna, came along and was a great help. Sylvia, Ana and Ms. Aleyna were also there. We all work together but for different aspects of the center so our table was full of resources.

Just to talk about Arianna a bit. She started working at the center two weeks ago. During our quick and fun interview process, she shared with me a secret…. ‘I don’t know much English, Ms.’ She seemed very bashful and somewhat ashamed. She was so shy that on her first day of work, she brought in her older sister (who spoke English and worked with me before) to speak on her behalf….(Her sister encouraged her and to her surprise… left her there to fend for herself). Nonetheless, after working around the center for three weeks, Arianna started opening up. She is speaking more and even translating for others!

During the health fair, I turned to Arianna and told her that she was going to table alone for one hour. I gave her quick instructions on what to say to the people and left. When I returned she had a huge smile on her face. She not only spoke to people about the center but got others to sign up for the La Canansta Program and even participated in a raffle and won a tee-shirt!

I have been working with the Pathways to Graduation Internship Placement Program for three years and I enjoy it. I’ve met great people starting with the development coordinator, Ms. Ocean. She does a fantastic job of linking the Mary Mitchell After School Program with great students who work along with the center. Arianna is one of the many students who I get joy in seeing grow and flourish in positive ways.

Azaria and Tatyana

I came across two high school students, Azaria and Tatyana, who were happy for the snow day. At least they get a small break during regents week.

My sister asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up and Tatyana said she wanted to be a pathologist and Azaria said she wanted to join the police force.

Interesting enough, Azaria added that she’s not scared to become an office and have some knowledge about the force after spending time at the Police academy….for mischievous behavior.

A Snow Day

Jerry, the Newsstand Man

Over the summer, I worked at International Center of Photography at the Point as an assistant teacher.

One of my students, Charles, came to class one day and told us about a Newsstand Man he had photographed. He interviewed him about his life and well-being. The following story is Jerry’s (the Newsstand Man) story told to Charles:

Jerry Delakas is an honest, hardworking man who has been running the Astor Place Newsstand for the last 24 years, and is now facing eviction. Jerry has very much become a fixture of the neighborhood. He is a friendly and familiar face to residents, tourists, and schoolchildren. What Jerry enjoys most is watching the the world go by as he lovingly attends to his post.

A native of Cephallonia, Greece, Jerry’s work as a merchant seaman brought him to the US in the 70s. He attained his “American Dream” by being his own boss running the newsstand. In over 20 years of work, he’s been witness to the striking transformation of the city and of his neighborhood in particular.

But, Jerry’s days are numbered….

The city is attempting to evict him from his stand because he doesn’t have the required license. The previous owner of the license had allowed Jerry to run the stand and left it to him in her Will. Now, the City of New York stipulates that their arrangement is invalid, and refuses to grant Jerry the license to be proprietor of his own stand.

At 64 years old Jerry is in a precarious position. He is now relying on the support of the community: friends, neighbors, concerned citizens of the world and activists alike.

We can save Jerry with the support of people like you!

To view pictures of Jerry visit Charles flicker here.

Best Friends

Artist: Gabriela Salazar

Sculpture: “For Closure”

Models: Nana & Elizabeth