I was on the train when a lady got on and sat across from me with a brand new camera. She was excited about her camera. She looked at me for a while and kept looking at her camera, then she began to take photos of me.

I couldn’t get mad because she was doing to me what I do to others all of the time.  At first I didn’t know she was taking my photo but I had a hunch. Then, I started to smile at her because I knew she was taking my picture.

She showed me her new Olympus camera and the photos. We swapped emails and she emailed me the photos that night.



Bambi, a photographer and instructor for the International Center of Photography shows off silk-screen art done by a Japanese artist in Brooklyn. I thought it was extra cool that she got the print done on a plaid shirt rather than a plain white tee.

If you look at the whale closely, there is a shape of a man.

For Closure

In West Farms Square there is a new sculpture titled “For Closure” by artist Gabriela Salazar. It is a 26-feet-tall artwork made from locally salvaged doors and resembles a house of cards.

I ran into these young women and asked them to pose for me. And they were just A*W*E*S*O*M*E. You will see more photos with these DIVAS but before that here is some history of the Artwork.

I took the following excerpt from the artist’s website:

It is meant to represent the fragility of the housing market.

“A lot of people already talk about financial collapse so I don’t necessarily expect the piece is going to bring more attention to that, but I do hope it humanizes that experience a little bit, reminds people that all these homes are actual people’s lives,” said artist Gabriela Salazar

The temporary art work was brought in through a partnership between the Bronx River Art Center and the Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program.

“For Closure” will be on display for seven months.

I think “For Closure” is in the perfect spot. I see my neighborhood changing everyday. So many businesses are closing down and there is an increase of homelessness in the Bronx. Homes are going up everywhere but it seems more are moving out of the neighborhood than moving in.

Just this week when I was passing out ‘Saving Kayton’s‘ flyers, I ran into a mother with three children who asked me about helping her find an apartment. She seemed very desperate.

Speaking of  ‘Saving Kayton’s‘ I am still working on the project. I spoke to Bronx officials and emailed friends and family hoping for the story to fall into the right person’s hands…now we just have to wait. It’s sad that we have to fight so hard for a store with such history and good quality to stay in our neighborhood. However, if landlords don’t care enough  about single mothers with children then why would they care about a store?!

Best Friends

Artist: Gabriela Salazar

Sculpture: “For Closure”

Models: Elizabeth, Tiffany, Eva, Deborah